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How can I pay for my purchases on Rose and Red HK?
You can pay for your order online through our website using your credit card or PayPal. We also accept payment via direct deposit into banks and direct bank transfer. Alternatively, we can process your payment with HSBC Payme App.
My credit card is a non-Hong Kong issued credit card. Can I still make payment online?
Yes, we accept most major credit cards on our website regardless of the issuing country. However, please note that transactions will be in Hong Kong Dollars and may be susceptible to your card issuers currency conversion rates.
If you are experiencing difficulty on our website and your card cannot be processed, you can reach out to us on (852) 9128 1176 or through email at info@roseandredhk.com Our customer service representatives will be happy to provide you with alternative payment methods.
How can I track my order?
To check on the status of your order, please go to your email and track the status of your order. You can also contact our Customer Service representatives via (852) 91281176.
Can I change my order after the payment is done?
We do not allow orders to be changed or cancelled within 3 working days prior to the requested delivery date. For peak season, we do not allow orders change prior to Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, due to extremely high order volume. If the amendment requires additional fees, the customer will be charged. Orders placed or cancelled on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays will be treated as having been received by us on the following working day.
How do I know if you have received my order?
Within an hour of placing your order, we will send an email to confirm your order. Get in touch with Customer Service if you have yet to receive email confirmation.
How do I enter discount codes?
Enter your promo code in the promo codes field during checkout. Promo code discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Limit one promotion per order.
Can I send flowers anonymously?
In some cases, customers desire the ability to send gifts anonymously. This is a possibility; however, the sender must provide us with the information necessary to complete an electronic transaction. In certain situations, we may be forced to disclose information.
In the event that the recipient does not want to accept a gift anonymously, the gift will be returned to us. We will adhere to your request to send the order anonymously. However, please be informed that this will only be valid from the time the order was placed until 3 hours after the delivery. For security purposes, the information will be disclosed if the recipient contacts us to confirm the sender details after the given time frame.
How much is delivery cost?
Estimate delivery cost by districts (For exact pricing, please refer to checkout page):

*Tin Hau MTR self pick-up: Free

*Tin Hau MTR self pick-up: *FREE*
HK Island - Central Districts: $100 HKD
HK Island - Peak / Mid-Levels: $160-200 HKD
HK Island - East District: $100-120 HKD
HK Island - Distant East: $130-150 HKD
HK Island - West / South Districts: $130-180 HKD
HK Island - Distant South Districts: $160-200 HKD
Kowloon: $100-150 HKD
Kowloon East: $100-120 HKD
New Territories: $130-200 HKD
Distant N.T.: $180-280 HKD
What time is delivery time? Can you deliver my flowers at a specific time?
Delivery time: 10am to 6pm

Normal Condition:
If you give us at least 48 hours of notice for your delivery, we can accommodate most requests. If you have a very specific time (e.g. 7 p.m.), we can accommodate you for additional fee. If you did not specify a time frame in your order, or you want to make a change, you can contact Customer Service. Please do this at least 48 hours before your requested delivery time.

Peak Season (Valentine's Day, Mother's day, Christmas):
During peak season, specific delivery time delivery will be divided into two time slots, with additional surcharge.

Morning Delivery : 10am to 1pm
Afternoon Delivery: 2pm to 6pm
Do you deliver on public holidays?
We do not accept same-day deliveries on holidays; however, you can order them for delivery ahead of time. For more enquries, you can contact our sales person at 91281176.
Do you offer next day delivery?
For next day delivery, please place your order before 12:00pm the day before your delivery date. If you are using PayMe or Bank Transfer as your payment method, all payment must be settled by 3:00pm the day before your delivery date for the order to be confirmed. If you have not received the Order confirmation email, please be noticed that the order is still under verification.

Next day delivery may also subject to the product availability. For more inquiries, please be sure to contact our online customer representative before placing your order.
Can I change my delivery address or delivery date?
Changes of orders are possible up to 72 hours prior to delivery however during peak periods orders are processed up to 3 days in advance and therefore no changes are possible during this time. If the amendment requires additional fees, the customer will be charged.
What should I do if I accidentally provided the wrong delivery address?
We are not held responsible for failed deliveries based on an incorrect or invalid delivery address or contact phone number for the recipient. If we are unable to deliver a product based on the recipient’s unavailability or an inaccurate address, we will attempt to make delivery again within 24 hours. The sender may be charged additional fees for re-delivery.
What happens if weather or traffic conditions made it impossible to deliver?
If weather or traffic conditions make it impossible to deliver a purchase, Rose & Red will make another attempt to deliver the items within 24 hours at no additional cost. While we make every attempt to deliver flowers on time, traffic conditions and accidents may delay delivery. In the case that this happens, we will contact you as soon as possible.
Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, we only do local delivery in Hong Kong.
How should I take care of the flowers?
Find a place for your bouquet that is away from any source of heat or light. Cut flowers are much happier away from a window.

We recommend to switch to a flower vase upon receiving the flower product. Check your water levels every 1-2 days and replace the water completely every 2-3 days.

Cutting your flowers on an angle every two to three days with a sharp knife or garden clippers (not scissors) will ensure that the roses can drink the mixture.

Though strictly cosmetic, peeling away the outer layers as they naturally wilt will reveal newer petals, thus renewing your Rose & Red bouquet. It is completely normal for some of our lighter coloured roses to show bruising during their lifetime.